Custom Car Apparel

Have you always wanted car clothing that’s unique to you? Now you can have your very own car vectorised into Custom Car Apparel of your choice! Get inspired by our ready made collections or simply send us a photo of your car and we’ll design a custom piece just for you. Be it a muscle car t shirt, a vintage car hoodie or a race car sweater, we’ve got the perfect custom designs for you. Simply choose your car category and browse through our wide range of options.

But that’s not all. With Motor Element you also get the opportunity to make money out of your newly designed clothing! How, you may ask? It’s simple. We will showcase your design on our Customer's Corner collection and you'll get a generous 15% commission each time someone purchases your custom-designed apparel. So get sharing! Your masterpiece may just be the new customer favorite.

Want to share your ride with our car enthusiast community? We’ll be happy to share a photo of your babe on our Owner's Rides page once you complete a purchase.

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I ordered car apparel on your website, when can I expect to see my design for approval?

Maximum time would be just 2 days!

What kind of car brands do you guys design?

We can design any car or truck you wish for! Whether it's JDM, Euro, American Muscle or Korean, we’ll design your apparel just as you want it.

I want to order a t shirt with my car and custom background but I'm scared I won't like it or it won't come out the way I expected it to be. Will I get my money back?

Plenty of car lovers have chosen Motor Element and they were all 100% satisfied with their purchases! We pride ourselves in providing custom clothing that our perfected to every customer’s individual needs. If the design does not match your expectations, we guarantee a full refund on your purchase.

How long will it take to receive my custom car clothing?

It usually it takes around 1 - 3 weeks depending on the location you're ordering from. We will provide you with a tracking link a few days after you submit your order so you’ll never lose sight of your custom designed clothing.

My friend really likes the car design I ordered! How can they order one just like mine?

Once your order is shipped, we will add your new design in our Customer's Collection. an innovative and unique way to showcase your custom design to the world! And don’t forget that you earn a 15% commission each time someone buys your design! It’s just our way of saying thank you for choosing Motor Element and sharing our passion with your friends.

Do you ship these car apparel worldwide?

Absolutely! We happily ship all our products internationally.

Got More questions? We’ll be happy to have a chat! Get in touch through our Contact us page.

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